Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Milk Tea Invasion

Milk Tea shops are everywhere in the Philippines. It has become a trend to most of us. As for me, I gotta be honest, I wasn't really a Milk Tea drinker until I gave Raintree a chance. After that, I opened myself to drinking milk tea.If I'm far away from Raintree, like in malls, I would go for the most famous Milk Tea shop just to be sure. If people are raving about it, then there's a 98% possibility that,  that particular Milk Tea chain serves something delightful.

So here's some I've tried. They're offering drinks that are well- worth it.
CHATIME: Jasmine Green Milk tea with Pearls and Brown Rice Green Milk Tea with Pearls, Taro Milk Tea with pearls, Superior Cocoa. Chatime is everywhere here in Manila. The nearest Chatime in our place is at the Gateway Mall branch in Cubao.
DAINEE'S: was one of my discoveries in 2011. It's just right in front of my son's school. It was an easy Milk tea stop. But it closed down after a few months, I don't know why... The have cool drinks by the way, good Milk Tea too.
BUBBLE TEA: is a regular Milk Tea stop in SM Megamall since 2008 up to the present. They serve their beverages including Milk Teas in tall glasses and mugs, served hot or cold. They call their Tapioca (pearls) as Bubbles.
Bubble Tea Taro Milk Tea (cold)
MOON LEAF: The latest addition to this Milk Tea sensation is Moon Leaf. It has been there for years now, but it just so happen that they opened a branch in Shoppersville Antipolo, near our house in Antipolo. Every time I'm at my parents' house, I always go to Moon Leaf for some refreshing drink.

TEA. OLOGY: Aside from Bubble Tea, Tea.ology gave us one of our first Milk Tea experience. In Mercato Centrale, we'd always go for Tea.ology to match the food we eat.

Lastly, RAINTREE: One thing I like about Raintree is the high quality of everything they sell. The standard of their drinks and pastries are way up from the rest. The mere fact that they allotted space for those who want dine- in, is a big factor. I mean, in other Milk Tea shops, I always see myself standing and waiting. If not, the place is just too cramped. Wait for my Raintree entry and be impressed on how they're able to offer affordable, refreshing drinks, freshly baked pastries with a dining area equipped to make their customers happy and satisfied.

Instead of drinking soda whenever I'm out, I look for a place that offers Milk Tea or anything that is tea based. Aside from water, if you want something different for your taste buds, something cold, icy and flavorful, Milk Tea is a good choice. It's healthy!
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