Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cooking Games Club

It's been a long since I played a cooking game online. It's such fun to be able to play these kind of games, especially for a foodie like me. Like most of us, I also have a dream of putting up my own food business. Anything that has something to do with food. So every time I play games that has something to do with food, I take it seriously. I look at it as an opportunity to think about the business idea I have through a fun way.

When I say that I'm serious about these online games, it only means that I will do whatever it takes just to acquire and play a game even if we talk about purchasing it online. But that was before, because the Cooking Games Club was built to become a free online gaming destination. Cooking Games keeps me busy all the time. If I'm not blogging, you will probably find me playing online. Cooking Games Club is my recent discovery.
For the sassy ladies out there, here are some cooking games for you.

Decorate Big Picnic
I like decorating both in real life and most especially online where I can make the most of my decorating ideas, for free!
Wedding Table Deco

Play Wedding Table Deco
One of my favorite games online has something to do with weddings. It's something like Weeding Table Deco.
Birthday Dressup Games

Play Birthday Dressup Games
Now here's something different and appealing to us girls. Even in real life we do this--- we play dress- up, especially if we're going to a party and most of all, as we want to look good on our birthday. 
Burger Restaurant

Play Burger Restaurant
Play Burger Restaurant is the most played because it has something to do with my plan on putting up a food business. As I play it, I put myself in a spot where I have to do everything to satisfy a customer. Fast service, accuracy in taking orders, cleanliness and sanitation observed in the restaurant and of course fresh meals.
These are just few of the nice Girls Games you'll find at the Cooking Games Club. Visit and enjoy your game!

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