Monday, February 27, 2012


I salute the brilliant mind behind the success of Banapple because here's an addition to the list of treats Banapple has created for its avid followers.
Located  right next to the original Banapple Katipunan Avenue  Quezon, City
These smiley Sandwicheeses will automatically make your day.
Banapple was able to make a one-stop burger and sandwich joint through Sandwicheese. Aside from that, they also offer french fries, amazing line of salads and cool beverages including Banapple's Home Made Brewed Iced Tea , Dalandan Passion Slush, Pretty Green Slush.

Our Sandwicheese evening was composed of the following:
Drippin' Roast Beef (php160)
House Burger (php170)
Chicken Caesar (php170)
Banapple Potato Salad (php90)
Banapple's Home Made Brewed Iced Tea (php60)
House Burger
Banapple Potato Salad
As always, it's a must for me to try another house specialty from Banapple. Love it! love it! love it! It goes well with the sandwiches we ordered. I like the creamy texture of the dressing, it's just right.
Chicken Caesar
We weren't able to take a picture of their Drippin' Roast Beef. If there was a little something that made our dining experience fun, that would be the part when we started eating their super duper juicy Drippin' Roast Beef. It was literally dripping, to a point that I had to stop taking pictures because my hands were all messy. The Chicken Caesar sandwich was my favorite for the night. I told my husband that it tasted like I'm eating Caesar Salad in sandwich form, and I love Caesar Salad! that's why...
As a foodie, it's nice that another wonderful place was just created nearby... Aside from the regular munchies I prepare at home, I do crave for something different in a day too. Sandwicheese is the perfect place to visit for extraordinary sandwiches that will definitely flip an ordinary snack time to a one of a kind everyday sandwich experience.
Photos: RIM BlackBerry 8900

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i love sandwiches!! grabe gusto ko try yan :)