Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Raintree 7 Days A Week

What's so special about Sunday? Well, Sunday is considered as family day for most of us. It's the day when you're just at home relaxing with the whole family, then all of a sudden you want something cool and refreshing to share with your loved ones. It's also the day after hearing mass, the whole family plans to go to a destination where they can spend the rest of the day lounging. It's the day after having a delicious meal, you crave for something exceptionally sweet. There's a lot of extraordinary refreshments Raintree is offering aside from milk teas. They have Dessert Blends, Fruit Tea Infusion, Floats and of course, your choice of coffee and plain tea.  Summer is almost here, why wait for Sunday when you can have some Raintree everyday. Chill and relax!

We've been waiting for this... finally, yes finally, they're open 7 days a week starting March 11, 2012.

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