Friday, January 20, 2012

The Tomato Pasta Challenge

I cooked this tomato pasta dish, because something happened. Nothing really serious or important. I was with my husband and kids when we decided to have a quick snack in a small restaurant in SM Cubao. This dish accidentally landed on our table, because we originally ordered beef and mushroom and they served us with this pasta plate. Lucky for the manager and the rest of the crew because I was in a happy mood, so I didn't mind if they served us the wrong meal. I kinda find the restaurant version of this tomato pasta dish a bit bland and obviously, well I thought that there was something missing.

I got a little challnge from my husband and asked me: "what can you do to make this pasta more delicious and more enticing?".
As a foodie, when I don't get satisfaction from certain dishes, I make sure that I will alot time on making the dish myself. Resulting to a more refreshing and satisfying grub both for the palate and the mind. This is not my first time to prepare this simple but amazing pasta dish. With this scrumptious plate you see, adjustments were made, improved a lot of things. Like adding more mushrooms and fresh tomatoes and balancing the mix of flavors coming from the garlic and tomatoes was the challenging part.
1. Instead of chicken balls, I used fresh shrimps.
2. Lots of  fresh red tomatoes and less canned crushed tomatoes.
3. Since the sauce is based on fresh ingredients, I added button mushrooms for more texture and to hold the sauce and the pasta together.
4. Olive oil  and garlic--- key ingredients to a good pasta dish.
5. Fresh or dried basil will rock it.
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