Friday, January 6, 2012

Franky's Young Chefs Academy Experience

My son Franky, as he matures he is also developing his interest in cooking and helping me around the kitchen. He helps me with the chopping, sauteing and even with setting up the dining table. By the way, he uses a bread knife to cut simple vegetables. He knows the basic rule before handling food, which is handwashing. The nice part of this growing enthusiasm of his is the fact that his values are also being practiced. Being helpful, he waits for his turn, he's never a picky eater. A few months back, my son's school arranged a trip to the CCA Kitchen at the Eastwood Mall. I got really excited for him, since Culinary Arts has been an interest of mine since I was a kid. This experience of  Franky was very rare especially for a school activity.
At the Young Chefs Academy, Franky experienced baking his own chocolate cupcakes, bread and other pastries.  It was a bit disappoiting when I found out that parents and guardians were not allowed to accompany the child. So I waited the whole day, feeling excited to taste my son's first baked goodies.
Franky took home some of the cupcakes and bread he made. Along with the package are the recipes the children used for their baking session. Immediately, my son asked me if we can bake some. Of course we can, it's just that we still need to buy baking materials such as muffins molders, baking sheets and new mixing bowls. But as soon as we're all set with everything needed, I bet our kitchen's going to be open 24/ 7. I'm looking at enrolling my son at the Young Chefs Academy for summer. He really loves to cook. He told me that he wants to become the person wearing a tall white hat, a chef's hat!
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