Thursday, December 1, 2011

Caesar My Caesar

S&R Caesar Salad (Php129)
Banapple's House Salad (Php120)
Tender Bob's Chicken Caesar Salad (Solo at Php235)
Chef d' Angelo Make Your Own Salad ( Eat All You Can at Php150)
Let me make this post simple. I am a sucker for Caesar Salad!

At home or when eating out, as much as possible I try to fit a bowl of Caesar Salad in my every dining experience. I've tried several restaurants serving Caesar Salad. The salad dressing is very basic, it's the mixture of veggies that gets me. There are 4 important key ingredients that makes up a delicious Caesar Salad 1. freshly prepared croutons 2. grilled chicken 3. fresh and crunchy Romaine lettuce 4. fresh parmesan cheese.

I must admit, my favorite right now is the Caesar Salad from S&R. It has been a routine that after shopping, I pack myself with a bowl to go and another for dining- in.
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