Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Dose of Banapple Over The Weekend

 Make this entry as my Banapple Favorites post Part 2. Just like what I've mentioned in my first Banapple entry. One can always go back to this lovely restaurant and for every visit, there will be always something new to feast upon. Just this weekend, we celebrated 2 ocassions.
My 33rd birthday and a magnificent evening with Tito Mel. I live 5 minutes away from one of the main branches of Banapple but I make it a point to reserve such ocassions like birthdays and even just to treat a special person for a one of a kind experience.
That night, there were 2 amazing dishes that really got my attention. These dishes are already familiar.
Penne Bolognese
Chicken Breast Parmigiano
Both dishes gave a distinct flavor and texture.

The Penne Bolognese was garlicky but not to a point that it will leave that certain flavor in your mouth. The penne pasta was cooked to perfection, the meat sauce greatly emphasized on the freshness of the beef used. It's a plain pasta dish, but the over-all flavor will leave you wanting more. Best eaten with Banapple's Pesto Butter Bread.
My son's favorite has always been their Chicken Breast Parmigiano. I had to taste it myself and true enough, it's one of the best Chicken Parmigiano I've ever tasted. Note: served with rice. I have always associated that Chicken Pamigiano is served as a pasta dish. But at Banapple's they gave it a different kind of twist. Banapple's Chicken Breast Parmigiano is encrusted in a parmesan crumb mixture topped with rich stewed tomato sauce and melted mozzarella.
Lastly, The Guest of Honor...Tito Mel.
Tito Mel is the younger brother of my father-in-law. He is based in Pacifica and this visit was truly a blessing for us, especially for my husband. We look up to Tito Mel as our second father. He reminds us so much of my late father-in-law. He enjoyed his Banapple experience and promised to go back with the rest of the family on their next Philippine visit. He witnessed how the people loves Banapple and no doubt that the whole home- like dining experience, the food and the service made Banapple worth visiting.