Friday, October 14, 2011

The Strudels

It has been months since I first discovered how delicious S&R's Apple Strudels and Strawberry Strudels are. During the Members' Treat, they were sold as a Buy1 Take 1 item. Strudel/s is a pastry that has a jam-like filling.
I've always pictured Strudels as a type of pastry that is often served as dessert with cream on top. In some countries, they use  various vegetable preserve and even meat fillings. Fruit, vegetable or meat, it doesn't matter, I'm willing to try everything for the mere purpose of educating myself.
In S&R you'll know that their pastries are always freshly baked. Upon opening, I can already distinguish the sweet smell of the apple and strawberry filling from the freshly baked dough. The most common Strudel is Apfelstrudel which is German for Apple Strudel.
Apple Strudel is my favorite among the 2 types of Strudels I tried from S&R. My son, loves it too. It serves as my dessert after a heavy meal. It's good! A strudel can complete my day..
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