Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smith Sunglasses

If were going to count the essentials when it comes to accessories for men, we may be able to find a few on the list. Which, in a way, makes shopping looks easier for the guys than for the ladies. But think again. With my husband, it's been almost a year since he planned to buy himself a nice pair of sunglasses. With this, his last pair said goodbye 7 years ago. With family duties and obligations at hand starting a family, my husband decided to pass on getting personal things for himself. And just recently, he went searching for a new pair of sunglasses. When it comes to eye wear that also serves as protection, we always count on the best brands in the market. Not because they're from a famous designer, but if we're to talk about quality, protection and style put all together, it is always a must to make a wise investment.

My husband prefers the pair that's perfect for sports and  adventure- related outdoor events. Black w/ Polarized Gray Green Lens, smith scientist made it a point to make each Smith Smith Sunglasses stand out. Tough, yet thoughtful with the right to roam. The Rambler- smith spoiler, is comfortable on the busy streets of wherever or on the road less traveled. Underneath the tough exterior lies the performance features that set Smith apart from the masses. The smith pivlock v90 lens silhouette is smaller than the PivLock V90 Max. You can expect great coverage, excellent ventilation, and supreme protection for the elements with this lens shield. Soft, hydrophilic Megol located at the temple tips and on the nosepiece ensure a secure fit under grueling conditions. 
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