Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Own House Blend Iced Tea

This is nothing new for me but it is for this website. I've been making house blend iced tea since college. Well, that's how I learned to make it. I took up a course related to food preparation and management, and weren't allowed to serve instant juices and processed food every time we have a function. #1 rule I carry from the things I learned when I was still studying is to stick to an all- natural set of ingredients. 

House blend iced tea is considered to be one of the healthiest drink. It is made from fresh lemon, or orange mixed with real tea. On the practical side, Calamansi or Calamondin is also considered as an alternative.
I would usually use Jasmine tea because of it's aroma and flavor. It's good when mixed and flavored with citrus. As of the moment, I am using decaffeinated green tea. I'm not really allowed to take in some caffeine now that I am pregnant, so decaf will do. Green tea is another great choice of tea to be used.
My house blend iced tea is a mixture of freshly squeezed calamondin and lemon juice with a hint of orange. Lemon rind can also be added as garnish, for color and additional flavor. House blend iced tea is a healthy replacement for carbonated drinks and instant juices. I bet your guests will love it! It's something different. House blend iced tea are often served in hotels and restaurants.
Best served when cold, in a tall glass and definitely, with your favorite slice of cake.

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