Monday, September 19, 2011

Great Deals and Finds From S&R

When it comes to grocery shopping and you want to feel you're in another country, S&R Membership Shopping is our choice. I have been an S&R shopper ever since it opened way back in 2000-2001 (it was a long time ago). After a few years, it re-opened but this time, as an exclusive shopping destination. Now that I am married, my husband and I made sure that we become members. For my husband, it reminded him so much of Costco. He told me that S&R is like a small version of Costco.

We shop in S&R twice a month or more. We just keep on coming back. As a homemaker, the things I like about S&R are their cold cuts, cheeses, gourmet products, fresh meat (pork, beef, chicken and sea food). I also like their baked goodies (in a separate entry). Everything is there and guaranteed fresh all the time. From a regular market to our local supermarket, I shifted on buying our food in S&R.

Just recently, we received an email from S&R notifying us that they're going to have a MEMBERS' TREAT event, they will go on an all out sale. Which includes, Buy1 Take 1 items and discounted products up to 50%. Since we were scheduled to do our groceries, we thought it was very timely. For the regular budget we have, we can get a little more. We started our day early. At 7am, we were already lined up. Note: the line covered the whole of the parking area. Based on our previous S&R MEMBERS' TREAT experience, they really offer so much imported products for a very low price and that explains the rush of buyers and the big crowd we all needed to beat.
March 2011 they also went on sale. That time, we hoarded on bath towels, 300- 500 thread count sheets Queen (which came in a set with pillow cases, fitted sheet, bed sheet ) and some comforters. So with the recent MEMBERS' TREAT event, we thought of concentrating on toiletries, cleaning agents, goodies, canned goods and other household must-haves.
The chips came in on a regular price. But even on a regular basis, we buy our chips from S&R because it's way cheaper compared to our local supermarkets.
Instead of SPAM we decided to try PREM. I remember when our relatives would include PREM everytime they send us some stuff from America. It's cheaper than SPAM, quality? well, almost the same. It's worth the try. My son loves SWISS MISS Milk chocolate, but too bad, they only came in small boxes.
2 of our food finds for this year's sale in terms of price are the 1 Kilo pack of Bounty fresh Chicken Nuggets (Php 199) and the Jennie-O Breakfast Sausage (Php75). 
*You will never find a 1 kilo- pack of Bounty Fresh in any local supermarket. If there is, maybe it's more expensive. I'm such a chicken nuggets person and my husband is a breakfast sausage fan. These 2 products are not new to us. We've been buying these items already, only, on regular price. So when S&R had these discounted, we packed up with so much to last us for the next month.
One of my great finds from the recent sale are the ZIP Products. S&R offered ZIP Dish washing Liquid as a Buy1 Take 1 item 900ml for (Php100). On our first visit,  I bought a set (2 bottles) in lime scent just to try it. Then when we returned over the weekend, we decided to get a box  this time, in lemon. For the price, you might think quality is sacrificed. But NOPE! I like it! It's perfect!  better than the previous brand I used. Another item I truly loved are the GLAD Microwavable containers (Php150 set of 5). It is also dishwasher and freezer friendly and not to forget, with interlocking lids.

Before I forget, S&R also had Corelle dinnerware as a Buy1 Take 1 item. I was pondering on it, not bad, not bad... but we don't need it, I have like 3 sets of Corelle dinnerware here at home 2 of them are in storage. Another is the Corningware 7 pc. bake set. When we went back over the weekend, it was all gone. Darn it!
 Famished? Get a load of these!
After spending hours and hours of shopping and waiting in line to get in then waiting again in line to the cashier, your food choice from S&R will come in handy.

What I want to share in this entry are my fun discoveries, enjoyable shopping experiences with every S&R visit I make. This coming Saturday another visit is about to be made. It's not about the sale, The MEMBERS' TREAT is already over... it's about the idea of a world class shopping experience.

Picture taking is not allowed inside the store premises. The snapshot of our cart was just... let's say... timing was perfect. I saw somebody taking a shot of her cart, and the guard beside me wasn't minding her, so I followed using my small Nokia cellphone. But other than that, bringing of DSLRs, digital cameras, taking wide angle shots of the whole store, personal shots and pictures of items with price tags are not allowed.

Please be guided that this entry is from the blog owner's point of view and perspective only.
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