Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reinventing Mom's Saucey Pork Roast

Just last Sunday, my mom prepared some pork roast for our family dinner. With the looks of it, it's quite different from the regular pork roast most of us are familiar with. What made my mom's pork roast unique? It's saucey. Beneath the creamy mushroom sauce, are slices of the roasted pork. It was so good. The pork was soft and juicy. The balance of butter and cream in the sauce was just right. It was everyone's choice for the evening, even the kids loved it.
Mom's Saucey Pork Roast
The following day, I called my mom for her Saucey Pork Roast recipe. I want to practice making my own saucy pork roast but I also want to add something to make it my own. So I asked my ever reliable food taster (my husband)  for some suggestions. He recommended that I add vegetable bits like mixed corn kernels and carrots. As always, corn is perfect for creamy sauces because of it's flavor. Carrots will not only add nutrients, but it will also make the dish more colorful.
I proceeded by tenderizing the tenderloin before roasting it. Then I sliced it into pieces, arranged it in a serving platter. Then, I sauteed some garlic in butter, mushrooms, mixed veggies, a little corn starch, cream of mushroom. When everything is thick and half-cooked, pour the sauce over the prepared pork. Bake it, serve it straight, add another ingredient of your choice... my version of my mom's Saucey Pork Roast was also different. The sauce is thicker and the flavor from the corn gave it an extraordinary taste.

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