Wednesday, September 7, 2011


FMKB--- From My Kitchen and Beyond is going to be in transition soon. I'm so excited, I'm very happy and inspired to share to you that this food blog will have it's own domain and it's new face in a few weeks or maybe in a month. 

All these years, since this food blog started back in January 2009, I have been pondering on developing it into a more sophisticated website. I think, that From My Kitchen and Beyond deserves all these changes that's about to happen. Between my 2 blogs, this has been the website that has gathered continuous readings, active traffic and feedback not only from fellow bloggers and food enthusiasts, but also from business owners and individuals interested on using my entries as source for their own websites and brochures. 

With this, I also created  an email address: so that any of you can send me limitless inquiries, questions, suggestions (good and bad). This is also to improve the way the items are presented and how the articles are written.

The new face, the new look? I'm still thinking if I should get someone to design it for me. Or I'm also thinking if I should stick with the old template and change the header instead. Might take a little while though, because I plan to feature our very own kitchen as this site's header. I actually asked my mom to help me decorate the whole kitchen. Fresh flowers, fruit baskets and cook books. 

Love for food has been in my family's heart ever since, that's why this food blog's been thriving even if I don't make so much restaurant reviews. Our very own home cooked dishes, food discoveries, extraordinary experiences makes this food blog special.

I hope you'll stay and join me in this new journey I'm about to take--- From My Kitchen and Beyond.


peachkins said...

I'm as excited as you are! and Congrats on the new domain name.

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

I'll be waiting for sure and I hope when you are not busy anymore,you can share your specialty with us once again. :)