Monday, September 5, 2011

My Choice For Breakfast--- Danggit

My Dad just got back from Cebu and brought home boxes of Danggit and pusit. Danggit in particular has always been my family's favorite. Lucky, if someone will travel to Cebu or if any of our friends from Cebu will visit us here Manila. Either way, we always ask for some Danggit. Why Cebu? If it's Danggit you want, it should be from Cebu.
Danggit is one of Cebu's famous delicacy. Best when paired with vinegar and fried rice. This morning, I had a Filipino treat, fried some Danggit, chopped some tomatoes and paired it with some coconut vinegar, it was so good I had it also for lunch. By the way, Danggit is the only salted fish or dried fish that I can finish including the head. It's so crunchy, easy to cook and it's easy to eat!
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