Monday, September 5, 2011

Mogu Mogu

This is one drink, that I haven't really shared in this food blog. I became familiar with Mogu Mogu when I first dined in Bon Chon Chicken. Yes, Mogu Mogu is part of their list of beverages sold for(₱45ea).
Mogu Mogu is a healthy fruit Juice drink with real Nata de Coco bits.
Now that I'm pregnant, I try to keep away from caffeine and carbonated drinks. It's one of the fruit juices that satisfy me the most, especially when it's super cold. On a very hot day, a cute bottle can quench your thirst in an instant. Plus, the Nata de Coco pieces makes it more enjoyable because it's chewy. It is indeed fun and refreshing. My favorite flavors are: Lychee, Strawberry, Grapes. Actually, I enjoyed all the flavors. Mogu Mogu is available in leading supermarkets here in the Philippines. It is also being sold at Petron Stations (Treats) for (₱32ea).


peachkins said...

I love Mogu-Mogu too!

arnhival said...

Do you have an idea how much is the budget of that fruit juice drink (Mogu Mogu for advertisement?..thanks..pls email me here --->

just reference for our school project.^_^