Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Franky's Birthday Celebration At Tender Bob's

As always, all we wanted was a simple birthday celebration for our son... Tender Bob's is one of our all- time family restaurant. We've been dining at Tender Bob's Promenade Greenhills for years. When it comes to special ocassions Tender Bob's has always been our choice. My husband and I would often celebrate our wedding anniversary at Tender Bob's too. Sometimes, after an exhausting day of shopping, we end up having some refreshments in this restaurant too.  For every visit, we make sure that we follow what's on their menu.
From appetizers, soups, salads, main and dessert. It's always fun, that once in a while you let somebody else order food for you. My husband knows me too well, he knows that pasta would always be my choice. During my son's birthday celebration, my husband took command ordering. So here's the list of food that made our son's birthday special.
For Starters: Fish and Chips
Lightly battered fillet of fish with fries
Soup: Tomato Parmesan Soup
Delicately prepared thick & creamy
I'm so happy with my soup, I'd probably order Mushroom Soup for myself... but since my husband took in charge of everything... thank God! it was the best choice for the day. I never tried their Tomato Parmesan Soup before, it was a good soup experience, and is now my new favorite.
Salad: Chicken Caesar Salad
I'm such a sucker for Caesar Salad. This time, I requested my husband not to skip on Caesar Salad. I just love it!
Main: US Beef Salpicao
Main: Roasted US Beef Belly
Slow roasted to tenderness. Rich & juicy
The quality of the beef they serve at Tender Bob's is extraordinary. My US Beef Salpicao was cooked according to my preference ( medium rare). It was tender and juicy.
 Finale: Rocky road Ice Cream!
I see a happy birthday celebrant. No matter how we celebrate my son's birthday, I know that he is very happy to be able to spend it with us, his parents. The following day, we continued his birthday celebration with breakfast, and with a very special guest--- his lolo Mel paid us a visit from San Francisco.
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