Monday, August 22, 2011

Shabu- Shabu In The House

Shabu-shabu is also known as Japanese hot pot inspired by the original Chinese hot pot. The dish is made of stock, thinly sliced beef, green leafy vegetables. Nowadays, mixed seafood, mushrooms, seaweeds and noodles are also added.
When it comes to beef, most of the time a more expensive meat, such as Wagyū, is used because it's easy to cook and it has more flavor. Here in the Philippines, Shabu- shabu has become a regular participant for occasions. Having Shabu-shabu at home is one of the best options for a get together. It's cheaper and time is not really of a big deal. Portions? you can have all you want!  It's fun preparing a bowl while having a good conversation with guests and loved ones.
During my dad's birthday celebration, we decided to prepare something different. It was great, because everything was on the table already. Nobody stood up (which is pretty distracting) to get something somewhere else. Our night continued, we were able to relax, shared long stories and laughed.

Since Shabu- shabu is now a common dish and a $aving grace too. We can always enjoy it at home instead of dining in a restaurant. And in almost every supermarket, a stand is now open that carries various ingredients for Shabu- shabu.
 Our Shabu- shabu had 2 important ingredients. 1. Broth was chicken stock boiled to perfection. No additives.  2. The corn cobs which gave a distinct flavor. And later on, my dad brought out some crabs too. It was the best Shabu- shabu for me!!!


GigiSxm said...

So glad I found your blog, I like all the Asian Dishes. I have a couple questions about this one:
Does it cook all night? As the evening progresses do you just keep adding to it as you eat?
What are the white balls?
What are the bunny rabbits?

It looks delicious.

Enchie said...

@ Gigi thanks for dropping by. to answer your questions: It doesn't cook all night, it's quick cooking. Everything was bought pre-cooked except for the beef and the shrimps. And yes, just keep adding whatever you want. The white balls are called squidballs, and the rabbits taste the same as the squidballs only it's in a shape of a rabbit :)

Hailey said...

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