Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Original Buko Pie

When it comes to our country's finest Buko Pie, it has got to be Orient The Original brand from Los Baños Laguna. This Buko Pie is selling like hot cakes. Make sure to be in line early in the afternoon. Based on our experience, every time we make a visit around 4pm it's always sold out. And I'm talking about freshly baked Buko Pie straight out of the oven. Who wouldn't want that, who wouldn't buy in bulk, who wouldn't wait in line for minutes or maybe hours just to take home a box of orient's The Original Buko Pie.
Packed with lots and lots of young coconut meat, baked fresh everyday. 
Orient The Original Bakeshop is always full with travelers, tourists and even citizens from the wonderful province of Laguna. Aside from visiting their famous hot springs, a quick stop at The Original Bakeshop will officially make your travel in Laguna complete.
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