Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Choice For Breakfast---Breakfast Steak

Hey guys, here's another meal I usually prepare for breakfast. Not only that it's heavy enough to give you energy for a productive day, this Breakfast Steak is also my son's favorite.  The breakfast steak is actually similar to the burger steak we know. Only, it is served or topped with egg.

This morning, I paired my breakfast steak with some banana fritters and boy, they really match. Perfect for the kids. It's a whole complete meal and it can be prepared for school lunch too.
I really enjoy sharing my favorites for breakfast. It is something new. I mean, I would often share dishes which are served for lunch or dinner, but not a single entry with the food I enjoy early in the morning. Now, there's something to look forward to. Though it will pull more effort with the presentation, it pays off once I see my boys enjoy their breakfast served restaurant style. 

The lazy mornings are now gone. 

And just a short story, before touching his food, my husband would even ask me first if I'm done with the food photo, because if not, he will give me more time and that is because he loves munching on the dish I used for the presentation. But of course, so that we can also eat together.
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