Monday, August 8, 2011

My Choice For Breakfast--- Chocolate Oatmeal and Oranges

I just thought of sharing a piece of my favorite grub every morning. Well, it's just one from the long list of my favorite breakfast dishes. Aside from eating plain oatmeal and fruits, I also like adding some unsweetened cocoa. It's like Champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge), but I used oatmeal instead of sticky rice.
Here's a glimpse of my favorite breakfast.
Best eaten with fresh oranges. We all know know that chocolates and oranges blend well.
I also prefer fresh banana and strawberries.


peachkins said...

I'm also eating oatmeal for breakfast these days...I'm going to try your recipe...

So far,I've made
Apple Pie oatmeal
Bananas Foster oatmeal

Try them, baka magustuhan mo din..

Enchie said...

Thanks for sharing your recipes will check them out :)