Monday, July 11, 2011

Aling Kika's Biko

When it comes to Filipino native delicacies, few made it on my list and one of them is Aling Kika's special biko. It's the only Biko that I like because it's always freshly made. My hometown is just so happen to be the next point after Cainta Rizal, so it's been easy for me and family to buy anytime we want to. We serve it during our regular family dinner, parties, coffee with friends like what my parents would often do and of course, whenever one feels like eating biko.
Aling Kika's biko is one the delights I craved during the first trimester of my pregnancy.  Since I don't live in my hometown anymore, I ask my parents to buy it for me.  There were times when my dad would tell me: why not buy biko somewhere near your place. I said: There's nothing like Aling Kika's biko. It's the only biko that I love to eat. Well, it was really nice of my parents to buy some everytime I crave for it.
Biko is a famous Filipino native delicacy made of sticky rice made topped with latik which is made of coconut milk. This is one of the desserts I plan to serve when I see my friends next week. It's something old, familiar, it's a classic delicacy. Make a delicious stop- over at Aling Kika's if ever you're in Cainta Rizal. As for me and my childhood friends,  it's been forever since the last time we saw each other so it's going to be something new for everyone again.
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