Friday, May 6, 2011


With the looks of it, a person will instantly know why it's called "dynamite". I learned this dish from my dad and he learned it from one of his travels. Not only that a piece looks like a dynamite, but it will also give you a blast once you take a bite. At first I wasn't able to handle it, then I found out that the first batch my dad cooked has chili seeds intact. Originally, the people who invented this dish prefers to leave the seeds. To make it less hot, remove the seeds and wash it well. With the seeds removed, it's still hot, but bearable and the chili flavor is strong.
It's green chili washed with seeds removed, stuffed with sauteed ground pork then deep fried. Perfect with honey mustard sauce or any sweet vinegar mixture. Crunchy, hot, mixed with a little sweetness and the soft texture of the sauce, this dish is surely a Dynamite!


redkathy said...

Very nice Enchie. would love to try these!!

edelweiza said...

Another version is to put cheese instead of ground pork. But it's more of a snack than a dish. Chili cheese sticks, a favorite of mine. :)