Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sandwich Guy

The Sandwich Guy is a major food discovery in 2010. I was enjoying a relaxing stroll with my boys at SM Megamall, and when we suddenly craved for food that may be considered as a heavy meal but still light for a snack, our feet brought us to The Sandwich Guy. We thought that it was more of a bread store at first, since their shelves were full of wheat bread. Lucky us, because another food outlet made it to our top list of favorites.
The Sandwich Guy:  Eastwood City

 For the health conscious, The Sandwich Guy offers food that are freshly made and without preservatives. It is a good choice. They sell Pasta, Salads, Sandwiches and Potato dishes. You can also choose an add-on like grilled chicken for your pasta, fruits for your salad, garlic bread, extra cheese or even pesto.
My favorite pasta is Tommy Boy
It is pasta in fresh tomatoes and garlic sauteed in olive oil.
 It's P70 for every order.
Favorite add-on: grilled chicken (P25)
My husband's pasta choice is Pesto
Basil, garlic, nuts in extra virgin olive oil.
It's P75 for every order.
Favorite add-on: grilled chicken (P25)
My favorite side dish: Mushy Potato with Mushrooms
The ultimate chicken sandwich: polloROSMARINO (Rosemary Chicken Sandwich)
All sandwiches are made out of whole wheat bread and The Sandwich Guy bakes its own whole wheat bread.
Visit: The Sandwich Guy for branches.
Prices Range from Php55- 130


[pinkc00kies] said...

tried them several times already. i like the crabstick & mango sandwich and pollo rosmarino.

Rain said...

suddenly craving for the sandwich guy sandwiches, pasta and their baked potato