Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pickled Jalapeño

Relish or Buro( Tagalog ) is a common side dish  or a condiment for Filipinos. We often pickle vegetables like bamboo shoots or labong, baby green mango or Pajo and even baby onions. It goes well with our native dishes and hot rice.

Just a few weeks back, I've mentioned in one of my entries my love for pickled jalapeños. Since jalapeño is not a native vegetable, here in the Philippines, we would often find jalapeño in gourmet shops or supermarkets that sell imported products.
 My first pickled jalapeño jar.
The good news, when we went grocery shopping last weekend, to my surprise, I found some fresh jalapeños. Or maybe because I kept on asking every time I visit the supermarket hehehe!
The jalapeños I bought were meant for salads. The sizes were pretty big to be pickled.  Out of 6 pieces, I got 2-3 medium to small jalapeños. The ideal size  for pickling are the small ones. That's for me, because I noticed that young vegetables usually have more flavor. As expected, the big ones were not as hot.  I was able to eat it fresh. Anyway, the important thing for me when it comes to pickling are the mix of flavors. The big jalapeños may not be as hot but they were still flavorful. 

I pickled my jalapeños as it is. I like it hot so I kept the seeds intact. 
*Remove seeds if you don't want it as hot.

Ingredients: I didn't include any measurements because this was an experimental recipe. But  I guarantee it's easy, just mix everything according to your preference. Will post an updated recipe soon.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Fresh  jalapeños (washed well)
  • Sugar
  • a dash of salt
  • fresh herb of your choice
  • Jar
 How To:
  • Just boil everything together until your jalapeños are cooked. 
  • Cool it down for a few minutes then pour it in your nice jar.
  • Wait for an hour so that the vegetable can sip in more flavor, then you can enjoy your pickled jalapeños.
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