Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy For Jalapeño

More Jalapeños!
Added fresh Rosemary too!
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Jalapeño is originally from Mexico. Based on my research, about 160 square km are dedicated for the cultivation of Jalapeños. Another surprising use of Jalapeño peppers is that they're often muddled and served in mixed drinks. Well, I haven't tried a drink mixed with Jalapeño, that would be something new and exciting to try.

I was able to beat the crowd over at S&R last Saturday. Bought all the Jalapeños I can find on the shelf. There were 2 containers left and they were hidden. It's good that I have a keen eye, found them under a stack of pickles. Finders Keepers!

One Jalapeño Dish that I would love to try  is Jalapeño Poppers. It is an appetizer stuffed with ground meat and cheese wrapped with bacon, coated then fried. Yummy! So I divided my fresh Jalapeños into 2 servings, one for pickling and the other batch for favorable dishes.

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