Tuesday, March 1, 2011

M&M's Fun Fortune Dispenser

One of the things that I'll be looking forward to in the near future is being able to spend my first M&M's World visit with my dear sister-in-law. We talked about it a lot. I mean, she's now based in America but she haven't visited a single M&M's store. And this has become a goal for the both of us. Well, for me, being able to travel with her  alone is going to be awesome, then add the both of us stepping in the nearest M&M's World. I know she's waiting for me, we made plans that we will visit together.

I became familiar with M&M's World when it was featured in a news channel some years back. It is a very colorful store, filled with all the goodies every child and the young at heart could dream about. The store that was featured was M&M's World Las Vegas. It's one of their famous tourist attraction.
And just last week, a family came home from America to visit and she gave us our very own M&M's Dispenser. It's a Fun Fortune Dispenser. It's really fun. We placed it in our room, then we made a rule to ask  a question before pressing the dispenser. 

The cube inside the crystal ball will give the answer to your interesting and fun question.

The dispenser can hold all kinds of M&M's.


peachkins said...

This is really cute!

jellybelly said...

Wow, I want one for my toddler!