Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging An Essay?

Even with the convenience of searching information online can make it difficult to be able to create an original write up. Building sentences and paragraphs according to what my teachers taught me. For a Plain Jane like me, I did had thoughts of inquiring if an essay writing service would come in handy. Experts are available online to guide on how to be able to make an impressive original piece. Sometimes, we have the idea of the perfect topic to write about, and we stop with just an idea because we're not sure  how to put our thoughts in black and white the correct way.

I wasn't trained to become a writer, I don't really have the interest for it. It just so happen that I have the heart for expressing myself and blogging is a good way to be able to share my thoughts. There were times when I think if I'm doing it right.  A blog is like an essay. As a matter of fact it is an essay. Bloggers or the author creates a piece of short writing which is always based from the writer's point of view. In all blog categories, the main core of a blog entry is the author's opinion. Whatever we learned from writing a high school essay is 100% applicable in blogging. In school, we write it on a paper, with blogging, we directly feed using a computer. But the content and set up if we're going to follow the traditional essay format, are actually the same. From the essay title, introduction, body, and conclusion.

Throughout the years I developed a little of my writing skills. I never thought that I'll be able to create multiple entries that are open to everyone around the world. It's an achievement as a person. The fulfillment is even greater than getting a high score in school.

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