Monday, February 14, 2011

Slimming Workout

Over our Sunday family get together at my parent's place, I was complemented by my mom that I have a slimmer body now compared to the last time she saw me. As usual, she asked if I've been working out lately. Well, the answer is no. But, I did cut a little on what I take-in regularly. Aside from that, household chores and frequent walking has been backing me up. One of the things that I inherited from my mother's side as we age, is getting wider hips. Our waist may still be the same, but when we talk about our hips, our butts and our thighs, these are the parts of our body that we need to work out on. It's very common  for the for girls in the family. So as early as now, I keep on warning my younger sisters to watch out for it.  I like the fact that this dilemma is not pulling too much pressure on my part in terms of getting a "sexy" body. I love my body right now, all I need is the right maintenance to remain healthy with what I have presently reached. I have been planning to create a daily workout routine. We have these workout equipments here at home, but really, I don't have any idea on how to begin. I researched that some workout routines are being used for bodybuilding. And it greatly helps on increasing one's strength and endurance. Aside from that, I might just have a healthier future if I begin working out at the early age of 32. Seriously,  exercising is not only  for the purpose of  having a slimmer body, but also to work on every muscle, every system I have in order for my body to function well.
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