Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Simple Valentine's Day Celebration

I'm supposed to blog about our simple Valentine's Day celebration on my other website. Since food was the highlight of this year's V-Day, let me open my story to you guys through this food blog. In celebration of Valentine's Day, I prepared Creamy Carbonara for dinner. But prior to that, I had lunch with my 2 boys over at Yoohoo BBQ Metrowalk. Love Day was spent like any ordinary day. We had a lovely day together. The weather was perfect for a breezy afternoon stroll with my family. We went window shopping at some outlet stores, breezed through for some logo design ideas

My creamy Carbonara base sauce is cream. Basic sauce was sauteed garlic, onion and mushrooms in cream. I didn't put too much bacon or meat because the cream itself was thick but richness was just right. My toppings were roasted garlic and bits of sweet ham. And when he got home, he gave me some goodies from Red Ribbon. He was a bit sad though, because he was planning to get me a cake instead of flowers. But by the time he got out from work, the cakes from the only Red Ribbon shop in their building were sold out.  

Hope was not all lost because a pan of freshly cooked Chicken Empanada also from Red Ribbon, was taken out and my other half bought everything. He also prepared a box of my favorite pastries. The rest of the evening was spent cuddling in our living room.

For us, ever since we were still dating, Valentine's Day is spending extra time with the one we love. It doesn't matter how we do it, it doesn't matter if we have gifts for each other, as long as we're together, everyday is going to be Valentine's Day. Oh, did I mention that he surprised me with a new scent from Marks & Spencer? I just love him, full of surprises!

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peachkins said...

Buti nga kayo magkasama. Kami ni hubby online date lang..food photos na lang binigay ko..=(