Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Kitchen Needs...

So I was going through some things around my kitchen last night and found out that I do need new equipments and utensils, some bowls and cups that needs replacement.
I have 2 new kitchen discoveries and some web design companies to share but I couldn't post it because I don't have the right containers for the presentation.

Here are the things needed:
A set of bowls for my rice bowl dishes.
A set of tea cups for my caffè mocha entry.
New baking pans for cakes, brownies and cupcakes.
And a pizza pan.

With my discoveries at the beginning of this year, with requested dishes and attempts on trying new recipes, I need to get all these as soon as possible. A week from now, I am going to spend the whole weekend baking with my mom. She found her old pastry recipes and hopefully, we will be able to light up her passion on baking cakes and pastries again.
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