Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kalinga- Apayao Coffee

I do like coffee. But I stayed away from instant coffee and became a real coffee lover. So what makes up real coffee? Let's face it, freshly brewed coffee is always the best. It's one of the blessings my family enjoys,  it's rare for anybody to get fresh roasted coffee beans from Kalinga and grind it ourselves. Then a cup of freshly brewed coffee to make our morning brighter.
With imported coffee and coffee shops conquering the market, some of us might have forgotten that the Philippines is also known for producing some of the finest coffee also found around the globe. About 200 years ago, the Philippines was the fourth largest coffee producing nation. Today, however, the Philippines produces only .012% of the world's coffee supply. -source- An email marketing campaign will contribute on advertising our own products.

Kalinga- Apayao is an agricultural land found in the Cordillera Administrative Region of Luzon, their products are food and industrial crops such as palay, corn, coffee, root crops and vegetables. Aside from Kalinga - Apayao, there are other provinces in the Philippines that grows coffee: Bukidnon, Batangas, Benguet, Cavite. When you get to visit these provinces, please try to invest on the products they're famous for. Share it with your friends and love ones too.

*It's one of the things I cherish. Even I haven't been anywhere outside the country, I'm proud that I have tasted most products of our very own. 

For those who are interested on trying our very own Philippine coffee, the Philippine National Trade Fair for 2011 might just have the products you've been looking for. It is going to be held at the SMX Convention Center from March 17-20 2011.
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