Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Cooks

So there I was, cooking with Ella and we're preparing food for our younger sister Les. Les turned 17 last week. I thought everything was already set, food was already being prepared. I had a hunch that something wasn't right, everything isn't falling into place, so Dolf and I decided to go to the venue earlier last February 19. And my hunch was right, my mom was a little tired coming from a trip a day before the celebration, and our helper didn't know what to do. And worse, they haven't done their groceries yet. It's a good thing my sister became available too. Ella, Dolf and I went to nearest supermarket and bought the ingredients needed.
It's not my first time to cook for parties and events. Through the years, party planning and menu planning has been firing up our systems. Sometimes, we don't wait for an occasion just to be able to cook luscious dishes. As long as we have the ingredients, the kitchen is going to be busy the whole day. We love to eat as we also  set the mood of our home for warm conversations and laughter. We spend the whole day seating at the dining area talking about life while we eat and fill up the serving platters over and over again.

Last Saturday's birthday celebration was pretty challenging, we were caught unaware and with little time for preparation. It's a good thing that my dad came home early and joined the kitchen brigade.

We divided the tasks.
Me: Carbonara, Curried Prawns, Mixed Veggies and Plating
Ella: Chopping of everything needed for each viand and our Basil Pear Salad
Dad: Turbo broiled a whole chicken and liempo, laing
 Anything to make our sister happy on her special day...
It was actually an honor to see these happy faces surrounding the food that made this occasion memorable.
For every birthday my sisters celebrate, it always brings me back to the time when I was their age, with my own friends celebrating with me. Next year is going to be big for my younger sister Les. She's going to be celebrating her 18th birthday. As early as late last year, we have been planning and giving her options on how she can make her debut memorable.

1. Travel
2. Traditional Debut (18 candles, roses, etc. the works!)

As of the moment, she's thinking of traveling as a good option and just in case, she wants the rest of the girls to accompany her. Our dad will work it out.

As for the cooks night of February 19, 2011...
We're satisfied with a yummy slice of Becky's Chocolate Mousse... We're built and trained for anything, even for bigger events, because we love our kitchen and cooking has always been our  's desire...
Smiley Face
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