Monday, February 7, 2011

Da Angelo Baci e Abbracci

Authentic Italian dishes, fresh ingredients, a cozy restaurant, happy faces and a friendly service makes up a good Restaurant Muenchen. I have loved Italian Cuisine since childhood, especially pasta dishes. It's one of my inspirations why I took Hotel and Restaurant Management in college.

Actually, even now, I still think of pursuing a career on becoming a chef. I just need time, and hopefully I can experience Italy at it's finest. Restaurant Muenchen is one of the best  restaurants you'll find in the world.

A tour of the  city and food in a whole new environment is quite an experience and it's sure worth the visit.

And when good food is present, italienisches Restaurant Muenchen offers the finest wines and cheeses also ready to be served. 

A perfect restaurant does not only stir up delicious meals, but it also give guests the coziest ambiance that would make each a frequent visitor.
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