Monday, February 14, 2011

Childhood's Sweet Nothings

Cloud 9
Nissin Butter Coconut
Chocolate Mallows
Air Heads

These are just some goodies that reminded me so much of my  childhood. I must admit, I still carry a lot of my younger years with me, even up to now. Well, when it's really your favorite, nothing can stop a person from having these simple joys.
A logo of a certain product may also be in the simplest form, it's how the product is being sold to the public. Of course the taste of these childhood sweet nothings already made a mark on my palette. I do crave for them. Logo Design Tips played a major role on creating these products too. Because one of the things that excites me the most is the part  when among the packs of goodies and local products on a shelf I'm looking at, suddenly, a familiar logo surprises me, it's my all-time childhood favorite, a refreshment of what made up my past and will surely continue to endear the present.... 

Another sweet moment waiting... it's sharing those same sweet memories with my husband and introducing a part of my life to my child.
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