Monday, January 31, 2011

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop Baguio City

We spent our second night in Baguio by making reservations in one of their famous Spa and explored Session Road for a restaurant that will answer our appetite for  Italian Cuisine.
We had a relaxing stroll along Session Road. Sunday is a busy night in Baguio. It was a cool evening.
There were so much restaurants to choose from... if we could only visit all in one night.
Vizco's is famous for their delicious international dishes, cakes and  pastries. Their signature dishes are mostly Italian, pizza and pasta. Meals costs from Php150-300. Guaranteed hot meal, fast service, fresh ingredients, friendly and hospitable locals ready to serve.
It may look plain, but once you taste it... the mix of herbs and special sauce will make this meal the ultimate Lasagna dish.
And when you're palette is ready for something new, it is best to order the house specialty. Like my Pasta Paella. I've never tasted Pasta Paella before, and they say Vizco's version is one of the best. True enough, I ordered another to go.
Italian dine-in is not complete without pizza. My Vizco's pizza experience was all about the dough. It was the perfect pizza dough for me. I was able to know that it was freshly made by the taste, I can even smell fresh flour with the steam coming from my hot pizza while I cut a piece and with the mozzarella topping melting. It was really good.
Vizco's has a traditional coffeehouse- like interiors that provides a relaxing atmosphere and is surely an inviting venue for both locals and tourists to hang-out. Our night at Vizco's was spent with warm companions, good conversation, relaxing dining experience and great food. It was surely the perfect way to enjoy Baguio before heading home.

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop is located at the city's main commercial area, along Session Road.

*One of their house specialty is their Strawberry Shortcake. You can view it through this link: Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake
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