Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kitchen On A Short Break

Hi all!  I know it's been awhile... still got a little hang-over from the holidays. My husband went on leave for almost more than a week. So imagine since the 23rd of December he's been on vacation, which lasted until the 3rd of January of 2011. We made the most of the free and relaxing time granted to us... 
Our kitchen was indeed busy the whole month of December 2010, preparing and celebrating the Holiday Season.
As our giveaways, I  skipped on making chocolates and bought boxes Ferrero Rocher instead. We also have gifts like books, scented candles to add color for our family giveaways.
I also made some Leche Flan to give and to add to our table on Christmas Day. We had an awesome celebration this year. There's so much goodies to share. By the way, I still have a Baguio food adventure to  post. Kitchen duties will resume by next week. Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year!
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