Monday, January 24, 2011

Chores Makes Me More Hungry

It has been a yearly routine for my husband and I to give out old but useful items so that we can redecorate a little for the new year. As of the moment, downsizing is the most effective way in order to fit the right things in our humble home, when we can still enjoy on buying new stuff and creating a different feel for our house. For 2011, we got rid of old toys, figurines, towels, pillow cases, covers and comforters. We're still in the process of sorting more things, since our stuff is composed  of our personal belongings and furniture from my in-laws. Today, we decided to skip on the chores around the house and went on a little food trip.

We started by visiting our favorite shops and boutiques, then we headed to fill our tummies at Yoshinoya. This restaurant is one of our favorites. When we can't decide what to eat and we want something heavy, Yoshinoya is always the perfect choice.
2 Jumbo Plates which is compose of: Beef and Chicken Teriyaki, Combination of Gyudon and Yakiniku, Combination of Gyudon beef and beef yakiniku with beansprout on top of steaming rice.
Gyudon beef and chicken with mixed vegetables (carrots, cabbage, young corn, baguio beans) on top of steaming rice.
Then we went a little off the usual by going bottomless rice.
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