Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentines Is Just Around The Corner

Valentines day is one of our most celebrated day of the year. My husband would normally change his style every year. We sometimes, have an intimate dinner at home via candle light. Last year, we had dinner out and he gave me flowers.

Here's a little story:
Yes, we do celebrate Hearts Day, but we don't give each expensive gifts or extra- special gifts. This 2010, I plan to make our Valentines a little more special. This one, I'm not going to make a surprise, because I promised that I will buy him a new wrist watch. Top Valentine's Gifts for 2010 includes watches, luxurious jewelries, Dvds, Cds, imported chocolates, designer clothes and footwear. It's really nice to spend for Valentines Day for a change. It's making this occasion extraordinary. It is always beautiful to make symbols of Love as a special thing. It's one of the paths we take towards a happy life.

I guess, Valentines Day should be considered as one of the most celebrated occasions every year. Inspite of our busy schedule, work, school, business and the likes, this is the time, we stop and take our moment to cherish the love we share with our beloved once again. I'm really very excited, it's my first time to buy my husband something special for Valentines Day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Better Burgers

January 29, 2009 12pm Lunch @ BBB also known as Big Better Burgers. It's a sunny, windy day! The weather made us wanna walk around, breath some fresh air, eat good food, and just relax.
Picked up Franky from school, shopped for some clothes then lunch at this newly opened burger joint right at the heart of Araneta Center.I got curious about this resto thru Peachy of The Peach Kitchen.
So finally I was able to dine and try.
Potato Wedges @ Php55
Big Better Burger with Cheese @Php116
1/3lb. grilled burger with lettuce, tomatoes, dill onion mayo
Double Dare w/ Cheese@ Php152
two 1/3lb. grilled burgers with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, dill onion mayo
Lastly, my pasta. @ Php105 With Mushroom Sauce and Meatballs (with small burgers :D)
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Photos: Sony Ericsson P990i

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Melon Juice

You'll know when a Melon is ripe because of its sweet smell.Melons are known as fruits with sweet and juicy flavor.
In the Philippines, making Melon Juice on a very hot day has been a regular thing, especially during summer. I consider this as a healthy option than drinking sodas and instant juices. My husband and son loves it.
1 whole medium, ripe melon.
Slice into 2.
Remove the seeds and set aside.
In a bowl, scrape out the Melon straight into pitcher with water. I prefer doing it this way, so that no juice from the fruit will be wasted.
Put the seeds in a strainer and using a spoon press out the remaining melon juice into the pitcher.
Add sugar or sweetener.

Created to Protect

Typhoon Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng were the main highlights of last year's climate issues. It goes to show that our natural environment has gotten worse. It flooded almost the whole of Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Something that we didn't see, it was an event we never imagined will happen. If you will look back at some of the photos online, you will see that mother nature took back what was originally hers and showed man the real deal why it happened. Experts say that the typhoons to come in the next years will get stronger and bigger. Clearly, this is climate change happening.

In some countries, a group called the green police was created to protect and trained in CO2 monitoring. They enforce environmental regulations and issue citations to environmental violators. This is a great move, an action towards good governance when it comes to preserving our environment.

On Maintaining Our Home

My family's moving to a new place. This is one of the dilemma's my family would always get into. It's fun sharing some points on redoing our home. We found it hard to look for the perfect house and condo unit, or at least something that fits our criteria. Most of the places that we saw had problems with the structure itself. Cracks, holes and stains. We had to look on some homeowners insurance quotes. I got pretty excited when we found out that we can have the place fixed according to what we want and how it should look.

I have plans for our kitchen, the dining area, the living room and of course, the master's bedroom. We opted to get a smaller place so we can decorate it properly without putting to much appliances or go over with the decorations.

With this, I've been thinking if I should add home and living to this food blog. I saw the flexibility of having a food blog. This may involve our dining set-up, kitchen must-haves and designs. There's a lot to choose from. But it's still just a thought as of the moment. It's not easy to redo everything. But then, my site's title has it "From My Kitchen and Beyond".

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lechen Flan

Flan, Leche Flan or Caramel Custard
I really wanted to try to make my own so I can serve something new from my kitchen on my husband's birthday this week. They say it's easy... I went surfing online last week to find back- up recipes for my first take. The method and preparation of the recipes I found are all the same. It's the quantity for every recipe and the style that made a difference. Some like it without the egg whites, others prefer using the whites. Anyway, me being a practical person, I included the egg whites. You just have to whisk it until the mixture is well-blended.
enchie’s kitchen

I also used brown sugar for the custard base. It tasted the same and I got similar results if I used white sugar. Leche Flan is usually steamed over an open flame or stove top, it can also be seen baked.

Recipe to follow

Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Trip Friday--- Pork Nilaga

It's one of those Fridays when my husband and I craved for "sabaw" (soup). He wanted the real Bulalo (beef nilaga). But it was too late. It's almost dinner time, and I still need to tenderize the beef.
Instead of beef, I used Pork cutlets. Pork cutlets are easier to cook and with less fat. Perfect for all dishes.

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Cheap Tumble Dryers

The washing machine I own right now is pretty old. We had it fixed 2 times last year. If I'll have the extra money, I would probably upgrade it and buy Cheap Tumble Dryers to go with it. A separate dryer for blankets, table tops and covers, most likely for bigger garments too. I'm very particular when it comes to drying clothes. We all know that any clothing that doesn't dry the right way, it gets that stinky smell. Who wants that right?
This Hotpoint TVM560P tumble dryer is an excellent-value, large-capacity vented tumble dryer with extra large aperture for easy loading. With a safety start button, this Hotpoint TVM560P tumble dryer allows up to 2 hours' timed drying, and has reverse tumble and final cool tumble to minimise creasing.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

From My Kitchen and Beyond Turns 1!

Today, I celebrate my food blog's first year!
enchie’s kitchen

This food blog is not only about my kitchen this is also about You!-photo source-

From My Kitchen and Beyond stayed strong because of the food stories and discoveries you share everyday, for the inspiration you give to work around our very own kitchen. The tips and tricks behind every dish we make and the magic to make the preparation easier.
 from my kitchen and beyond
Thank you for the continuous visit and support.

Like A Mere Pack of Peanuts

Here's a little glimpse that keeps me going every time I blog or update my websites. Aside from listening to some of my favorite songs, I always have a pack of peanuts to go with it.

Early this morning, I saw a new pack of nuts on the table. Salted Cashew Nuts to be exact. So I waited for my husband to wake up to ask permission if I can open it. Thinking he bought that for himself.

He said: "That's yours. I bought that for you. Because I noticed you're running out of peanuts". "Something that you can munch on while you do your blog."

A simple thought and gesture like this melts my heart. Especially coming from my one and only. I've known my husband to be the most supportive fellow I've ever met. Even when we're still dating, he makes sure that I'm happy and pleased with the things I love to do, anything that concerns my happiness.

But I never thought that he'll notice even the smallest things that will keep the person satisfied and happy.

Like a mere pack of peanuts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isabelle- Lavender Love

Gourmet butter cookies individually wrapped European style
A very good friend of mine gave it as a gift for me and my husband.
Originated from Taiwan.
Great gift for all occasions.
It came with a cute pack of Lavender Tea to go with everything inside the box. Hey ladies, this is perfect for Tea Parties or simply inviting friends over to have a little chat.
2 layers of the prettiest and delicious cookies and biscuits, packaged in the most gorgeous food packaging I have ever seen. Yes, I am preserving the box :D
The product is only produced after every order made to maintain freshness. It will take 60 production days. There are more style and gorgeous boxes to choose from.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Trip Friday--- Pork Kebab

Prepared some one Friday when our Best Man paid us a visit. Inspired by the Pork Barbecue I posted for my FTF last week.
Pork cutlets marinated in soy sauce, Sprite Zero, Splenda, salt, pepper, catsup, calamondin juice.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harbor View Restaurant

December 30, 2009, after our tour of the Manila Ocean Park, we had dinner at the 'ol Habor View Restaurant.
Established in 1985, Harbor View was the brainchild of three good friends who had been in the hotel industry all their lives. While at the hotel, they were often asked by the guests where to eat and what to see in Manila. As a result, they often dreamt of opening a place that would be a treat for locals and tourist alike.
I've been seeing this restaurant when I was a kid. My parents would always take us to Luneta to go biking, and it's just recently that I was able to experience Harbor View dining for the very first time. We ordered 3 dishes and Sago't Gulaman for me!

Price Ranges from Php 150-500 They take seafood orders per gram. But they also have fixed dishes like the ones we ordered.
Adobong Pusit with mushroom pieces(baby squid)
Fish and Chips
This is the best combination ever! Delicious fish with potato chips and potato wedges. Comes with mayo-chili sauce.
All time favorite Lechon Kawali
My Sago't Gulaman. 

Had 2 glasses, it was so good and perfect for the evening. While enjoying our food, my husband told me a little story. His dad would always take him to this restaurant. It was lovely to know that now, it's his turn to share this experience with his own son.
Our awesome view
Harbor View Restaurant offers both the best menu, a magnificent dining experience with a great view to go with. The restaurant is also a perfect place to watch the Manila Bay Sunset.

Located at the shores of Manila Bay, one can enjoy the peace and tranquility sometimes lost in the hustle and bustle of city life, without ever leaving Manila.

Easy Online Search

I had to change my food blog's look once again. I noticed that several bloggers were using the very same green layout I just recently discovered. Nothing against it, but it's wise to have a look that will not confuse readers and will not give the viewers a hard time distinguishing my site from the other.

After putting my son to bed, I spent the rest of the evening looking for new templates and widgets for my food blog. It wasn't very easy. Well, this is when we get to test a real deal search engine. As we all know, a search engine is a tool designed to search for information on the internet. It may consist of information, images, details, music, entertainment, documents and important details that will serve as guidelines online and assist to our every need. Especially when if we're looking for information viewed and defined from several angles.

Search and Download from Rapidshare is a good source to improve your search experience. They have everything. Search on templates, they have it. From hard- to- find games, music and more. And I did found several templates for Blogger. By the way, it's not just 1 or 2, but tons of templates to choose from. So if you're in need of something online, you should try Rapidshare.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Fun Of Moving In and Out

We are moving to a new place my dear friends. It is going to be a fun experience once again. We're just waiting for our condo's contract to expire. The excitement? While waiting, we've been window shopping for new furniture. Most of the stuff we have at the moment are from my in-laws. And since we're moving to a "new" unit, we plan to have a home make- over of our own. We plan to keep some of our old things, and we are very excited to add something modern and stylish. This is the fun part I'm talking about. Planning, shopping, and redecorating. Just over the weekend, we already scouted for a new dining table, a coffee table and we also looked on some designer bedroom sets.

Our bedroom is our main concern. For the past 5 years we have been sharing our bed with our son. It clearly means that when you share your room with a kid, definitely, the room will look like a play - sleeping area. This move is the perfect opportunity for us to redo everything. Now that our son is big, we think that it is about time that we give him his own space. And ours will completely be "The Master's Bedroom".

Friday, January 8, 2010

Food Trip Friday--- Overlooking The City @ Leonardo's

After having dinner at my parent's house January 1, 2010, we went up to Antipolo to take Franky sightseeing. Growing up in Rizal, the overlooking sight was one of my most visited places.
My parents would take us there every Sunday. We'll rent a tall hut, order food and enjoy the view. Most restaurants around the area are best known for their pork barbecue.Pinoy Pork Barbecue and Ice Cold San Mig Light
We ordered beer too.
My boys and a wonderful view
enchie’s kitchen
Our view -closer look

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Health for 2010

To start, let me just tell you guys that I have never made any resolutions or made plans about health every time it's going to be a new year. I seldom talk about certain health issues online. Well, its been 5 years. Whether I'm blogging or not, it's about time I ponder on our health options. I want to start 2010 giving honest opinions on health and other contributors that is good for our body. And share some thoughts on things that can be harmful. Mid of 2009, my husband went through an executive check up in one of the hospitals here in the Philippines. For years of being married, none of us went through this process, or even bothered to have it voluntarily.

Part of my husband's medical benefit package is this Executive Check-up. To be honest, I got pretty nervous of how the results will come out. As we can all see from my posts with our pictures, my husband is a big person. Not having knowledge about the activities going inside his body is unhealthy already.

So he went. It was an overnight process. He had to check-in and go through several tests. The results came in after a month, and with answered prayers, we got positive results. Except for the fact that he was advised to lose weight. Well, I need that too. Other than that, all of his organs are fine and functioning well. With this, we will continue a healthy lifestyle. Our fears were all gone and was replaced with so much determination to keep a healthier body. This experience now serves as one of our motivating factors in life. Like I said in my post Entry Here "2009 has been very kind to me and my family. So much milestones as a parent has been achieved. So much lessons learned and discoveries made to take as motivators."

As we age, our body becomes more fragile. As for our goals after knowing all these..

: Warming up

: Stretching
i-stretch ng i-stretch
: the upper body exercise
do the gwaping pose
: lower body exercise (moving to left and back)
circle, circle, slide,slide...
: lower body exercise (moving to right and back)

and again : Head exercise (make sure to do the 2nd part, it works!)

para tumalino

: whole body exercise
parang bangag lang
wala lang
para kang nasasaniban
: Jumping exercise: The Pose is the key! but remember to jump!
: relax
maghanap ng kasama

sumayaw sa galak

  • 6am every weekend, we will continue to go for long walks and will go jogging again.
  • Will use the staircase instead of the elevator or escalator.
  • Will start using our stationary bicycle again which has been on stationary mode since last year.
  • Less fast food. (I can't say No just Less because there will be times when you just want to enjoy and relax. Especially on special occasions. Besides we don't eat fast food or take out everyday).
  • No canned goods and more fresh ingredients.
  • No processed food products (such as tocino, longganisa, burgers, french fries). Will make our own with the right ingredients.
  • No sugar and lesser salt for all of us, even for our little boy. We've been into healthy eating at home since we got married. But work and stress destroys everything. So even if we have doubled our efforts, this time, we'll triple it! Will cook food the healthy way (steaming, boiling, baking).
  • Part of this healthy movement is going to the spa and taking long breaks from work. We all need to take a break you guys! :)
  • No more Coke Zero and will wait for the Buko (coconut) vendor instead
  • Meditation
  • Creating a Happy atmosphere