Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Breakfast: Tinapa at Sinangag

Tinapa: Smoked Fish
Sinangag: Fried Garlic Rice
Favorite breakfast meal of most Filipinos. The smoked fish can also be served with cane vinegar. I like mine with tomatoes and white onion.
enchie’s kitchen
I was originally planning to cook spam and eggs for breakfast today. I seldom cook dried fish or smoked fish for breakfast, my husband isn't really a fan of it. My son... he's learning to love it now. This morning, I made a quick visit to the market. I was one of the early birds so I was able to buy fresh Tinapa. The smell was not only tempting but it was inviting as well. When I got back, I immediately prepared Sinangag which has been the perfect match, some tomatoes and onions on the side.


elpi said...

Sinangag is one of my favorite filipino food.

Tinapa said...

Truly, Pinoy loves tinapa and one of our favorite breakfast and even ulam.