Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Breakfast: Tinapa at Sinangag

Tinapa: Smoked Fish
Sinangag: Fried Garlic Rice
Favorite breakfast meal of most Filipinos. The smoked fish can also be served with cane vinegar. I like mine with tomatoes and white onion.
enchie’s kitchen
I was originally planning to cook spam and eggs for breakfast today. I seldom cook dried fish or smoked fish for breakfast, my husband isn't really a fan of it. My son... he's learning to love it now. This morning, I made a quick visit to the market. I was one of the early birds so I was able to buy fresh Tinapa. The smell was not only tempting but it was inviting as well. When I got back, I immediately prepared Sinangag which has been the perfect match, some tomatoes and onions on the side.
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