Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stop Smoking!

When I was a kid, I remember asking my dad to stop smoking. Out of nowhere, I approached him and asked. I wasn't expecting that he will seriously take that simple request of mine. And I was 8 years old then. Now, every time we look back, at 32 years old, he's still thanking me. My dad is healthier, he looks young for his age, he doesn't have any ailments. And when it was my turn,  I stopped immediately when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. How did I ever survive the process of stopping? Just thinking that I asked my dad to give up cigarette smoking, gave me the inspiration to help me stop. I guess it was my motherly instincts working too. And like everyone else who went through the very same dilemma, I started to have some cravings after quitting. I turned to candy as a solution to permanently cut off my cravings. Up to this very date, I still crave for it but much lesser. While I was able to conquer smoking, my husband on the other hand, is having a hard time from at least lowering his sticks daily. Through time, he doubled from 1 pack to 2 packs. I guess, most of his co-workers are also undergoing the same thing. And it's more of a struggle now, since smoking has become a stress buster to working individuals.
Cigarette smoking is a big contributor when it comes to health risks. It  lowers our immune system then it targets the main organs of our body. Diabetes alone, if not controlled and worsen by smoking can affect the heart and the kidneys by disrupting its functions in the body. And of course, our lungs is directly affected. Don't forget to add the risks of aging. Put it this way, Smoking and aging put together will give the worst results when it comes to health. Believe me, everyday, I help my husband get through  by  lessening his sticks. Good thing that the company he is working for also prioritizes the health of their workers. When the electronic cigarettes came out, they provided each smoker a set. Start smoking E-cigarettes with our standard starter kit. This kit includes the following:

Single Electronic Cigarette Batter Kit
Premium Electronic Cigarette Charger
Premium USA Adapter
1 Pack of 5 - High Nicotine Cigarette Flavor
1 Pack of 5 - Medium Nicotine Cigarette Flavor USA made Cartridges
 Electronic Cigarettes helped my husband stop smoking. Smokeless Cigarettes will eliminate bad breath, will give you a mess- free and an ash-free smoking alternative. It will also help an individual cope properly without forcing one's self to stop smoking. My husband took him about a month to finally eliminate smoking. It came naturally. I wasn't expecting for instant results.  I am very thankful that we were able to achieve our main goal on having a healthier lifestyle.

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