Monday, December 13, 2010

Red Lion Bar Baguio City

I've been reading some negative feedback about Red Lion. But I was told by frequent goers and regular guests that it is the perfect place to hang out and discover Baguio's little secrets. And so I decided to extend my birthday celebration at Red Lion. One person who is close to me, who can testify regarding Red Lion's good reputation is my husband. Another is a Baguio local who is also a good friend of ours. So whatever bad  review's been stirring about Red Lion, I think, it is just a matter on how we view things, how we carry ourselves and how we interact with other people.
Our evening started with my birthday dinner at Rose Bowl Restaurant. After, we took the kids back at the hotel with Kat's cousin. Then the 4 of us namely: Perry and Kat, Me and my Husband, went to Red Lion for some drinks. When I'm in a new place, I don't just sleep the night away. I know there's a long day ahead of  us touring the following morning. But hey, being able to travel will just keep you going. If one can enjoy the usual day in the city, might as well try what it has to offer by nightfall.
I started with a Margarita. Just to let you know, I always warm up with a cocktail  or a shot and end it with a bucket, I mean buckets of beer.
Red Lion is always full especially on weekends. To add, Red Lion also serves as an Inn for tourists. When we got there, a pop band was playing, the bar was occupied, people were happy and dancing. It was perfect!
We went all the way at the back of the bar, where guests can actually smoke and more tables were available. From the deck of Red Lion, if one is lucky enough to have a table reserved, you will see one of the best views of Baguio City at night.
The warm people of Red Lion was able to find us a nice spot where we can have some privacy, and  at the same time, a safe location where we can't be bothered by drunk guests. Hey it's a pub, it's a Saturday, it's cold so expect people to get drunk. After 3 buckets, I was already making some noise of my own. It was a fantastic night! We were sharing our stories as couples. From the time we met our partners, how the spark between 2 people began, advises, jokes, life, laughter, love, family, friends... Everyone was an open book but  we all kept an open mind.
The food that went with our beer were Tokwa't Baboy and Sizzling Sisig. If there's something to be disappointed about Red Lion, that would be their Sisig, which turned out to be Sizzling "Onion" Sisig. But it didn't matter, maybe they've run out (lol!) Even the girl behind us in our picture didn't matter (lol!) The pub was full night of November 27. Besides, I was actually enjoying my beer more than the food. Did I get drunk? Well, almost. I was able to control it, (if there's such thing as "controlling it")  but I almost hit a beam or something on my way to the bathroom (lol!) It feels good, I'm good!
I owe it all to this guy...
 I had a blast at Red Lion!!!

Red Lion Pub and Inn
92 General Luna, Leonard Wood Rd
Baguio City, Philippines
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