Friday, December 17, 2010

FTF: A Taste of KFC's Double Down Chicken Sandwich

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I actually made my first purchase of this sandwich phenomenon the was day before we left for our vacation. Since everytime we visit a KFC store at night or middle in the afternoon, by that time, they're out of stock or it's sold out. For brunch after taking my son to school, I decided to make a quick drive to the nearest KFC and lucky enough, I was able to buy not only 1 but 3 Double Down Chicken Sandwiches, and it's their last 3 sandwiches at 10:20 in the morning.
₱100 ala carte, ₱135 with a regular drink and a fixin
It was just "okay" when I thought it would exactly taste like the one I imagined. A sandwich, only it's chicken. But it was too salty for me. It would have been better if they added some greens to balance the mix of flavors. In a real sandwich, the buns or the bread itself brings balance to the whole meal. So if you're going to eat pure protein, might as well add something like lettuce or tomatoes to kill the "suya factor" or lessen the salt of the chicken considering that there's bacon included. Everything here is based on my personal point of view as a consumer. Over-all, it's not as bad, you know why? because my husband is the #1 fan of KFC's Double Down Chicken Sandwich. When it comes to KFC,  it's always Double Down for him. I have 3 Double Downs in the first picture above, 2 of those are his.
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