Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fresh Finds From The City of Pines

Aside from Baguio shirts, walis tambo, silver from Ibay's  and other handicrafts, Baguio is also famous for various food preserves, pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Buying "pasalubong" would be easier if you choose stuff that you don't have back where you live, and items you may have but sold for a very expensive price.
Know their "house specialty".
Chocolate Crinkles, Strawberry Preserves, Pot Holder made of Pine and products from Good Shepherd. Though we have Chocolate Crinkles here in Manila, Baguio Crinkles is a pastry to try. My husband and I bought some Silver too. And for me, some accessories.
Good Shepherd will always be priority for the simple reason of helping  the makers of your favorite Lengua De Gato, Snowballs, Chocolate Crinkles and Mountain Maid Strawberry Jam, be sent through college. Good Shepherd products are good. Especially their Strawberry and Ube Jam.
A Baguio visit will not be complete if you didn't have a dose of their fresh vegetables and fruits. Most vegetables and flowers being sold in Manila are mostly from Baguio. And when you buy it straight from Baguio, you get almost 50% off from the Manila price. Let's say an 8 piece- pack of carrots for ₱10. A kilo of Broccoli for ₱60, that will give me 3-4 medium heads of broccoli. 

Not bad right? I mean, they sell Broccoli in Manila  around ₱40-60  per head. and choices are mostly small in size.

Plus, one should never miss out on "SAGADA Oranges". If some vendor insist, give that vendor a chance, because I guarantee you that 100% he/ she is not lying on how good these oranges are. But I was told that the real  so- called oranges from Sagada  are the big Dalandans (Philippine Orange), literally the big Dalandans, seedless and very sweet. In fairness, they will give you a taste test first, and then, you decide. Mines View Park Souvenir Area have lots of those Oranges.
The main highlights of my "pasalubong" shopping,  was being able to buy 2 of my favorites ---a fruit and a vegetable.
1. Bought fresh Strawberries straight from the Strawberry Farm La Trinidad. Fresh Strawberries are cheaper during the harvest season, which is around March.
2.  Fresh Shitake and Button Mushrooms
As you can see in most of my food entries, mushrooms are always present. I just love mushrooms!

Pasalubong Locations:
Mines View Park
Strawberry Farm La Trinidad
Baguio Market
Good Shepherd
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