Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celebrate Christmas Joie de Vivre with Delifrance

The spirit of Christmas is in the air, with carols being played in speakers and lanterns being sold in stores, and most of all, in the happy, expectant faces of people everywhere. It is during this festive season that the Joie de Vivre or Joy of Life, is most felt and celebrated.

Gift-giving can be a challenging task. Delifrance makes Christmas shopping much easier with its wide selection of gourmet cakes, hampers, and treats, sure to please any discerning palate.
Featuring a selection of delicious cakes, affordable goodies and premium gift boxes wrapped up in a cheerful palate of magenta and silver, Delifrance’s Christmas treats are sure to delight and enthrall loved ones.

Christmas Cakes
Start with these three beautiful Christmas cakes, primed to be the centerpiece of any holiday banquet. This holiday, indulge in the new French Espresso Fruitcake, a luscious masterpiece teeming with walnuts, pecans, and dates, from the tempting toppings to the rich espresso base. Brimming with beautifully arranged premium toppings, Delifrance Christmas cakes are visual works of art that taste as scrumptious as they look; perfect for giving or receiving and celebrating a truly Joyeux Noël.
Christmas Hampers
Delifrance is also famous for its festive Christmas hampers. Each gourmet item is carefully selected and packed in exquisite silver boxes, making it a remarkable gift both for aspiring gourmands and true connoisseurs. The warmth of Christmas certainly shines through with the Warmth Hamper. The assortment of baked goodies will surely tempt cookie lovers and sweet tooths alike with the rich Dark Chocolate Pistachio cookie, chewy Coffee Cinnamon Cookie, scrumptious Mocha Macadamia Cookie, and crunchy Almond Toffee Bark. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for cookie lovers and sweet tooths everywhere.

Christmas Treats
Christmas is never complete without thoughtful gifts to make a lasting good impression. This year, Delifrance introduces a new selection of affordable gourmet treats that bring Yuletide cheer to every dinner table.

Cookie lovers everywhere will rejoice in the chewy Coffee Cinnamon Cookie and the refreshing Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie, perfect for the holiday plate. A dark chocolate shell hides delicious buttery pistachio nuts within the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookie. Revel in the Mocha Macadamia Cookie and enjoy the texture of macadamia nuts covered in a mocha blanket.

Chocolate lovers and sweet tooths alike will enjoy the Fantasy Fudge, a luscious chocolate-almond confection! A toffee candy topped with chocolate and a generous layer of almonds, the Almond Toffee Bark is a delight to indulge in.

Feel the warmth of Christmas infect your taste buds with the Assorted Bars, an exquisite selection of bars that are a bit nutty, a bit dark, and just truly divine. A mixture of Dark Choco Chip Butterscotch, Choco Chip Cookie Dough Brownie, Butter Pecan, and Turtle Brownie, the delicious flavors of the Assorted Bars will really leave your celebrations on a sweet, high note.

With a selection of delicious cakes, affordable goodies and premium gift boxes wrapped up in a cheerful palate of magenta and silver, enthrall your loved ones and spread the spirit of giving this Yuletide season with gourmet gifts from Delifrance.

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