Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raw Food Diet

Here's what I got to say, nothing can be healthier than eating all natural food. From fruits, vegetables and even fish. I grew up with fresh food on the table. My father created a small farm right at our very yard. The health benefits? well, throughout my lifetime I was never hospitalized. No one in the family got seriously sick. My parents are active and they even look younger for their age. 
With proper discipline, having a raw food diet everyday is going to be easy. Raw food living is now a trend in some countries. I pray that this trend will be permanent and I hope it will never change. With the fast food industry getting bigger, I am very thankful that organic products are also out competing. Better, if organic raw food will replace most canned, dried and frozen goods in the supermarket. Since it is fresh and free of preservatives, raw food must always be consumed within a certain period of time. And this guarantees that something fresh and healthy is always served on the table everyday, from breakfast, lunch, dinner and even on special occasions. I came across some easy raw food recipes.  Restaurants serving organic are coming out slowly. I went to several restaurants where they offer organic ingredients for your dish. And I thought I'll have a hard time introducing raw food to a little boy who would rather choose fried chicken and chocolates. Believe it or not, at the age of 6, my son is loving organic.
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