Monday, November 22, 2010

Passionate About Coffee

It's been years since I drank my last cup of coffee. When I got pregnant, one of the things I was advised not to take in was coffee simply because of it's caffeine content. I think I exaggerated my understanding of it when my doctor told me to stay away  as much as possible. Well I guess, it's just my instinct working since I'm carrying my first child. There was a recent incident when I totally found an excuse to bring coffee back to match my daily grub. I brew coffee every morning everyday. I love the fresh aroma that fills my kitchen and dining area, it relaxes me. My husband I were thinking if we should invest on a new coffee maker. But some friends of ours suggested that a bean to cup coffee machine is going to be a worthy buy. It's an all-in-one dispenser.

* Black Coffee                     * Black Coffee Decaff
* White Coffee                     * White Coffee Decaff
* Cafe Latte                         * Cafe Latte Decaff
* Cappuccino                       * Cappuccino Decaff
* Espresso                           * Espresso Choc
* Chocolate                         * Creamichoc
* Hot Water                        * Hot Milk

And you know what's great, I found an amazing product called Strong Vend . It creates tailor-made bean to cup coffee machines for blind people. Bean to cup coffee machines specialist was approached by an existing customer after an increase in the number of blind staff in its workforce.

Strong Vend came up with a simple, yet effective solution to the problem; the custom-updated bean to cup coffee machines with Braille instruction panels and drinks labels, allowing visually impaired staff to enjoy a hot drink throughout the working day without having to ask for help. 

This bean to cup coffee machine is also perfect for the office and for business purposes. Most of all, nothing can be better than having one in the house. Just imagine, a cup of Cafe Latte Decaff anytime you want it.
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