Friday, November 19, 2010

One Day Vacation

My mind isn't working this week. I missed on some recipes that I'm suppose to share. I passed on dishes to prepare. All I want to do is to meditate. It's that moment when both my mind and body are looking for some quiet time. So I went to visit my mom the other day. Actually I spent the night in my hometown. I was missing the old place. I asked my husband if I could go for a one day vacation. Our place in Rizal caters a more peaceful environment compared to our place here in the city. 

As I watched my mother's hermle clock,  yeah, she has one. While my son was enjoying a movie with his Uncle, I got my book, prepared my favorite drink, took advantage of the free time, stayed in the balcony, then I cherished another moment for myself. It was quiet and breezy.  I can smell that Christmas is nearby and all I can hear was the soft murmurs from the TV inside the house and the overpowering chirping of the birds, that made my one day vacation perfect.

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1 comment:

daphne said...

wow I know that feeling, very refreshing. I hope I can have time to rest. I need a vacation too, my eyes I mean my whole human figure was too tired of my regular stress. :(

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