Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On My Christmas Menu...

For the very first time in my whole of being a Mother, this year, as we approach the Holiday Season and with a month to go before Christmas, I haven't finalize anything yet for my Christmas and New Year's Eve menu. With my oven working, I guess, it brought so much excitement. There was a time when I thought of baking my own cake. It may be a pound cake or a sponge cake. I was also thinking if I should prepare some mixed pastries such as brownies, chocolate crinkles and tarts as my Christmas giveaways. So much options and choices. It's mind boggling. Even my husband, who helps me get everything together, he couldn't think of anything.

All I have in mind are the basics. Pasta, Steak, Mixed Greens, and wine to match. But through this post, my brain started working again. Aside from food, I am also thinking of an elegant centerpiece and what tabletop to be used to match my theme this year.
So here is the initial plan:
  • Red and Yellow Roses
  • Meaty Lasagna or Baked Cannelloni
  • Roasted Chicken or T-Bone Steak
  • Creamy Mashed Potato
  • Holiday Plate (mixed Canap├ęs )
  • Fresh fruits
  • Traditional Fruit Salad
  • Sponge cake or pound cake (homemade? will still figure it out)
I might also include Chocolate Sundae to add as dessert. Perfect, while opening our Christmas presents and continuing the night with warm conversations.
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