Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My First: Basic Chocolate Cake

Clap!clap!clap! a pat on the back for a job well done! It was very fulfilling to nail a basic chocolate cake. Let me mark this as my first featured kitchen experience. This time guys, when I say "featured" it means that the recipe will fall under my "secret recipes". Not that I'm being selfish, it's for future use, maybe for a business. And it's understandable how important it is to be able to create your own name with original recipes not borrowed.
I would like to share that this wouldn't be possible without the help of my younger sister Les. We were "kinda" in the process of experimenting. An experiment that turned out right. It feels like a Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe was handed to us.
Key ingredient: Real chocolates
I wasn't able to make some frostings because I was missing an ingredient. Honey. All this time, I thought I have a bottle waiting. Without anything else to top my cake, I covered each square slice with confectionery sugar instead, it was pretty good too. The following day, it tasted even better. This made my week fantastic. It gave me more ideas on how to make our chocolate cake more attractive inside and out, for every slice and  for every bite. 

So Mom, let's start planning on baking our own cake for every occasion.
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